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Rock Solid Stability for a safe secure handling performance

Operational safety is primarily determined by engineering and construction of the vehicle. The reliable safety design afforded the EK-Series is in no small part due to the engineering and considerable experience of custom building very narrow aisle forklift vehicles.
A smooth travel performance coupled with the torsion resistant mast give the operator the feeling of a safe and secure environment. Standing behind the experience, our unparalleled patented SGO design and construction principles, ensuring the highest degree of vehicle stability.
  • Engineering performance with lighter construction weights for the cabin and mast offer greater strength to allow for additional load capacity.
  • Standard use of special two stage masts and integral supports.
  • Optimum weight distribution and overall low center of gravity.

As a specific engineering result, the vehicle’s center of gravity is low to the ground enhancing the inherent stability. The EK-Series generously exceeds the DIN EN ISO 3691 a regulation for the maximum allowable degree of vehicle vertical tilt. This provides an added measure of safety even in critical situations.

The operator feels safe and secure in an enclosed cab yet has the freedom to work unhindered in an ergonomically intuitive designed work space. Studies show that optimum performance is linked to an environment that makes an operator feel safe and secure.

Visibility and Maneuverability for safe load handling

In harsh environments or difficult applications additional optional safeties may be incorporated into the vehicle.
Exceptional visibility afforded the operator, provides an unhindered view of the load and working aisle, to ensure safe handling.
  • Clearview mast design
  • Rounded chassis contour
  • Low support & guide channel construction of turret fork load handling device
  • Large view windows in the front cabin wall
Highly precise steering and responsive controls along with a compact small vehicle foot print, make maneuvering outside of the narrow working aisle exceptionally easy. The overview of the vehicle contour and its tight turning radius reduce the risk of accidents and damages, further limiting operational costs while increasing safety.

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