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Rigid Steel Construction

EK 1100

Chassis and frame

Robust steel construction and a rigid solid base are complemented by the strong torsion resistant mast frame. Add the custom designed operator compartment and load handlers to form a performance oriented solid vehicle based on individual requirement and built to suit your application. The EK series is up to the challenge. Let us provide a solution to match your requirements.


Thick steel, rib reinforced doors protect the enclosed ~AC motors and electronic controllers. Doors are located on large robust hinges that can be removed simply by lifting off the hinge pin. Top cover provides shelter for the shelf mounted easy access electronic components Swivel out access panel contains the motor controllers conveniences for the servicing technicians.

Solid Base

The sturdy chassis is constructed with high tensile steel. Many chassis variations and options provide the foundation for this customized approach to very narrow aisle load handling.
The integrated oil tank (shown open) is located between the wheel supports out of harms way, over a thick solid steel floor plate. A solid frame enhances the low center of gravity for the chassis. The stabile platform plate construction provides the basis to handle loads up to 4400 lbs and lift up to 60 feet. The solid center core block protects the rear gear box and steer wheel. The rear center bumper is removed access the drive wheel.


Multiple shift operations may require a battery exchange even though the EK series is an energy miser. The new generation ~AC motors and matched controllers provide reliable, fast and smooth acceleration with reduced heat build-up that wastes electrical performance, providing longer vehicle operation without battery charging.
  • Battery frame to facilitate change via conventional forklift.
  • Roller supported battery compartment for use with changing carts and systems.
  • Fully enclosed battery compartment.
  • Optional on-board battery charger can be used with the aisle mounted power rail for continuous operation.

Load Wheels

Wheels are not generally high on the list of items to consider but important for many reasons.
  • Enclosed tires are better protected against damages.
  • Adjustable load wheel allows replacement of a single wheel by adjusting the height level to the remain undamaged wheel.
  • Dual load wheels are required for very heavy loads. They also lessen the pressure on poor flooring, an increased wheel footprint also offers a smoother ride on bad floors.
  • The large diameter wheels provide years of service.

Chassis Sizes

The Steinbock turret forklift maximizes storage space with built to suit equipment. A small pallet with a short insertion length only requires a narrow frame chassis, cab and load handler.
The large or oversize load with a long insertion length requires a wider chassis, cab and load handler to support the load weight. Chassis sizes are dependant on the dimensions of the load and aisle size. Chassis are designed to support the weight and lift height requirements of the application.

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