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Custom Lifts & Trucks

Solutions for

Long Load Handling

Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

Problem: Storage of various cargo carriers
Solution: EK 1500 with extended sideshift carriage

Home Products Distributor

Problem: Storage of doors on special pallets
Solution: EK 2000 with special width telescopic fork

Furniture Distribution

Problem: Storage of complete room sets
Solution: EK 1500 with special long turret

Solutions for

Very Heavy Loads

Air Cargo Handler

Problem: Storage of air freight containers
Solution: EK 2000 HL with special mast and a 41“ (1 m) load center capacity rating

Construction Equipment Manufacturer

Problem: Storage of large machine parts & tool and die on various cargo carriers
Solution: EK 2000 with extra wide chassis and long load capability

Food Producer

Problem: Storage of food products on special cargo carriers Solution: EK 1500 with special load handling device and elevated cab seat for view over tall loads

Tire Distribution

Problem: Double deep storage of tire racks Solution: EK 2000 with double deep telescopic fork and overhead ceiling rail support

Solutions for

Order Selecting

Toy Manufacturer

Problem: Order selection of small parts
Solution: EK 1500 with integrated shelving and roller conveyors for box side delivery

Furniture Store

Problem: Order selection of large items
Solution: EK 1500 with split rear console, front gate interlocks and access to a large pick platform

Intensive Man-to-Goods Order Picking

All EK models are available with tilting side gate and tilting console options. The reach distance to the pallet and the storage rack is reduced to increase productivity and reduce back stress for the operator.

Solutions for

Cooler / Freezer

Special considerations for freezer operation:

  • Active heater elements inside the electronic controllers, hydraulic tank, and other components
  • Special cabin insulation
  • Double glazed glass and heated windows
  • Special paint to protect the vehicle from corrosion

Solutions for


Driver Automation

Load handling devices available for automation are the standard turret fork and the telescopic fork. The EK-Series automated vehicles have been installed with capacities of 3300 lbs (1,5 tons) and 36 feet (11 m) of lift.

Intelligent sensors allow the installation in standard warehouse environments. Onboard scanners provide for real-time distance and height measurements for motion calculations.

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