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Strong, Lightweight, Economical

Extended Heights

Working at elevations of 60 feet or closer to the ground, the specially designed mast ensures stability and safety. The strong torsion resistant frames, combined with lower production weights allow greater lift heights, while minimizing energy consumption.
Masts are specially designed to accept load and stress from either side as well as from the front. Capacities range from 2425 lbs to 4400 lbs at elevation.

Mast Selection

Vehicles offer both two stage and three stage mast options. All masts feature the deep insertion overlapping mast channels that provide exceptional stability and a further reduction in mast deflection under load. All masts provide excellent operator visibility to the rear of the vehicle.

Extra Support

Patented mast design allows for higher lift heights with rated capacity loads. The unique bracing system also provides exceptional operator visibility.
The XL competes with stacker crane performance and tolerances normally found in facility supported captive narrow aisle stacker cranes.
The XL mast maintains a view window for the operator, while supplying rigidity that enables the EK to handle large oversized loads or store pallets in a double deep rack configuration.

Rail Support

Choosing to replace a hybrid or stacker care system ? The EK series offers a vehicle with top mounted rail support for extreme double deep load conditions.
  • Heated or AC controlled cabs are available for controlled operator environments.
  • Power rail options provide onboard battery charging and continuous operation while working in the narrow aisle.
  • Rack mounted power rail options are also available without the upper vehicle support rail.


All EK turret forklifts are equipped with slack chain sensing, that automatically stops the lowering function.
EK turret forklifts are supplied with over capacity rated lift chains. The EK forklifts are equipped with an additional unloaded safety lift chain with the same capacity. The incorporated additional lift chain is strictly used for safety and considered a fail safe device. The incorporated additional lift chain is strictly used for safety and considered a fail safe device.

Operator View

Driving forward in load direction, the view is unhindered. However when transporting loads that are extremely tall they may hinder the view.
Solution for extremely high loads – raise the operator position. The contoured sloping rear cover is designed to work in conjunction with the rear view through the mast, it offers the operator a better view to the floor immediately behind the vehicle.

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