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Advantages of custom built narrow aisle turret trucks

Short, long, narrow or wide our custom individually applied vehicle dimensions are considered “base criteria” for our engineering department. Each vehicle is precision built and suited to the end users’ application. Our customer’s benefit with dimensional changes to the chassis, cab and load handling device while ensuring high residual capacities and increased overall performance.

Unlike off the shelf vehicles which require the surrounding warehouse parameters and operational procedures to be modified. The EK-Series is designed around various floor conditions, aisle widths and load dimensions, offering a safe and stabile platform for smooth and performance driven load handling.

Load Handling Device to meet the requirements of the application

The EK-Series offers a wide spectrum of Load Handling Devices, for an enormous variety of applications. Of course we consider the Load Handling Device an integral part of the truck – not an attachment.

This enables engineering to define the most suitable load handling method, mast design, chassis and cab dimensions, with respect to guidance methods, aisle size, load capacity and safety.

Optimum space savings and maximum efficiency can be achieved for an existing warehouse with the adaptation of a custom designed and individually configured very narrow aisle forklift.

Turret Forks for specialized loads

A popular load handling device is the turret fork, the design again suited to the loads to be handled. The wide spectrum of Load Handling Devices influences the design of the vehicle for eg. roll and carpet handling.

Extreme narrow aisles can be achieved with telescopic forks. In conjunction with rail guidance they typically handle skids or 4 way pallets without bottom boards. Extending in both directions the telescopic forks require an aisle size of just 8” (200 mm) more than the load insertion length. Pallets with bottom boards can be handled from underneath when stored on front to back risers or in drive-in style racking.


  • Telescopic forks adapted with an auxiliary duplex mast to maximize the overall lift height of the vehicle under ceiling obstructions.
  • Telescopic fork device with a minimum construction height of 7.5“ (190 mm), allow skids or Euro style pallets to be placed on a floor level. Telescopic fork handles a double deep load insertion to maximize the warehouse storage volume.
  • There are numerous options available to enhance the function of a suitable Load Handling Device.

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