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Lane control

Every application requires the right console and safe guidance options. These features allow for safe high speed travel in very narrow aisles. Along with the robust wire guided steering solution, the fixed rail lane control system features an automatic straight wheel setting of the steered wheel.

Aisle Recognition

Guide Rail applications – the steered wheel is automatically set straight – and manual steering disabled – the vehicle requires 2 hands on the controls when operating within the narrow working aisle.
Sensors on both sides of the vehicle detect the guide rail guide rollers engage the rail on both sides of the vehicle guide roller placement in front of the load wheels and on the rear corner of the chassis provide the most protection while aiding the vehicle alignment. Guide rollers can be adjusted via shims and position bolts to compensate for wear.

Guide Rollers

A variety of solutions are available to suit unique applications. Choices include:
  • Low Profile guide rail system which allows the standard forks to enter pallets on the floor – avoiding the rack requirement for a lower beam level.
  • Multiple guide rollers at varying heights – to operate in different aisle sizes.
  • U-profile guide rail with steel roller mounted on the vehicle on a single side – allows floor access and reduced installation cost.
  • Additional measure of prevention additional guide roller – minimize rail or floor fastener damage.

Wire Guidance

Wire guidance is a reliable means of steering the VNA forklift in a narrow aisle. The onboard electronics sense a frequency emitted by the floor embedded wire guide path.
  • Frequency emitted by floor embedded wire system can be set to match a variety of frequencies and amplitudes.
  • Smart antenna communicate digitally via CAN-BUS with the ~AC steer controller.
  • Smart antenna internal signal processing adjustments are made via the integrated AC steer controller with a handheld device or laptop PC.
  • Aisle recognition is simply achieved when the vehicle locks on to the guide path. Operator is no longer required to steer the vehicle.

Safety & Options

Safety first when operating in a very narrow aisles. Turret trucks are designed to be productive in narrow aisles, pedestrians and / or other vehicles should not be admitted to the working aisle. Even though the above restrictions are normally followed, to assist the operation a pedestrian or obstacle detection system can be mounted front and rear to slow down and stop the vehicle when sensing an obstacle in the travel direction.
  • Front-facing scanner
  • Rear-facing scanner sees through cutout in the rear door along with obstacle detection.
  • Various aisle or zone identification systems are available (magnet code, RFID).
  • Zone and aisle identifications can integrated with lift height & travel restrictions.


Warehouse Pilot an accurate warehouse navigation based on optimized movements within the very narrow aisle:
  • The manual mode functions directs the operator to the destination monitoring fork orientation, aisle position and height.
  • The auto mode travels to the desired destination within the aisle on its own – lifting and positioning after operator confirmation pick and deposit as well.
  • Interface with options such as voice instructions, barcode scanners, RFID tag reader, Forklift management systems, Warehouse Management Systems.

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