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Comfortable ergonomics

The EK-Series very narrow aisle vehicles are designed for continuous operation. This fact alone requires that the cabin be designed to enhance the working condition of the operator. Working together with countless customers and numerous specific operational requests, have proven very beneficial to enhance the drivers experience. The result is a base set of ergonomic conditions while maintaining the adaptation of specific individual customer requests.

Cab for the operator

As an operator of an EK Turret Truck you expect a comfortable work place. A place that can be configured to meet your individual needs such as document holders, clipboards, tablet & PC brackets, scanner integration or comforts such as radio, mirrors, fans, camera and display all with-in convenient reach. A work place designed to make work life easier, more comfortable, efficient and desirable.
  • Wide and low cabin entry step
  • Spacious cab with exceptional leg & head room
  • Adaptable operator console to suit both, a standing or sitting operation
  • Weight adjustable comfort floating seat with various adjustments and optional seat heater
  • The cab offers padded flooring to minimize vibration and fatigue, carpeted walls to reduce noise levels and provides numerous storage compartments
The load handling device is an integral part of the EK cabin and our design reduces the reach distance required of the operator during carton pick operations. Reducing the reach distance relieves back stress normally associated with pick operations. Automatic hydraulic dampening when lifting / lowering the mast as well as shift dampening during the load/unload process, reduces vibration and adds to the overall comfort of the operator.
Optional tilting side gates allow operators to reach further into the rack without leaving the confines of the secure cabin.

Console and controls for any application

Different applications require individual console solutions. Our customers can pick and choose the style that suits them – whether it’s for convenience, style, comfort or simply because the operator may be used to a specific control operation. All the consoles have the same ergonomic 2-hand safety interface and color display with self-explanatory graphic symbols.
The operators compartment is also considered a warehouse office. Communications to co-workers and computers provide a vital link for tasking and Just In Time inventory control. A functional environment includes a comfortable intuitive console.

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