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Configurations & Display

Configurable controls

Select the modern ergonomic grip handle and thumb control – the new standard, or optional consoles with Rotation controls, Joystick controls, each with their own benefits. The Multifunction Joystick control handle remains popular for fast single handle hydraulic function selection. Split rear arm rest mounted controls provides a clear forward order picking access for the front walk-thru cabin option.

Thumb Knob Controls

The easy to grab thumb movement handle supports standing operation while intuitive finger touch selects the various control functions. This console option is considered user friendly and is fitted with redundant control selection capability and optical hand position sensors.
  • The thumb control console features solid support handles.
  • Operation of the controls does not require a wrist movement. Two hand sensing is effortless provided by optical reflex integrated circuitry.
  • Redundant hydraulic selection buttons, operate with thumb or finger tip control, while maintaining a stead fast support when operating the vehicle from a standing position.

Rotation Controls

Hydraulic and travel movements are controlled by rotation of the knob. The 2-hand safety system active via optical sensors in the knob and additional redundant control selection capability make this a flexible solution. Designed to suit the standing or sitting operator with a choice.
  • An operator leaning over the console cannot activate the controls inadvertently.
  • Optical sensors located within each control handle must be active to operate the selected hydraulic function.
  • Operation within the very narrow working aisle requires two hand placement over the controls to enforce safety requirements.

Joystick or Multifunction Controls

This classic option is controlled by displacement of the joystick handle – arm movement. The 2-hand control becomes active by slightly depressing the handle. The Multifunction Control Handle can also provide the redundant control selection in the handle.
  • Generous distance between the joystick controls for ease of operation without body contortions.
  • Intuitive foil buttons under the display to select hydraulic functions.
  • Multi-functional travel joystick, allows the operator to maintain both hands on the controls while selecting the hydraulic function.

Freezer Controls

When operating in cold store environments, without an enclosed cabin, people generally wear thick gloves. The freezer console is shown without an LCD display and foil buttons. These are replaced with widely spaced manual buttons and LEDs.
  • Special consideration should be given to operators wearing thick protective gloves.
  • Robust widely space function buttons and LED indicators.
  • Chassis and cabin widths are determined for the best possible space and operational utilization.

Split Rear Controls

A split console is integrated into the seat arm rests. The advantage of a split console allows the operator the freedom to access the load unhindered or leave the secure compartment via an optional front gate. This is designed for unique pick operations usually coupled with commissioning platforms.
  • Split rear console controls
  • Electronic interlocked cabin gates
  • Travel and hydraulic operations can only be performed when the gates are closed.

Color Display

All EK consoles, including Colds Store vehicles with enclosed cabins feature the color graphics display.
All status functions and pertinent vehicle information are displayed via immediately recognizable unique icons. Optional Display features include a scale system, height and level selection as well as further navigational aides.

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