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Order Selecting

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Configurable for special use

Rugged powerful vehicles designed for efficient ergonomic order picking. Many different styles are built to match the individual requirement. The counter-balanced 3 wheel vehicle built with larger load wheels, sport high productivity with plenty of room in the cab for the operator to maneuver. The fully enclosed operator compartment offers safety and security, the additional auxiliary lift prevents unnecessary bending and lifting. Large compartments and furniture handling configurations are available.

Pick Platform

The exceptional depth of the operator compartment provides freedom of movement for pick operations and a multitude of extra storage features such as:
  • paper & document holders
  • clip board
  • cup and scanner pockets
  • conveniences for the operators “office”


The operators choice to sit or stand depends on the operation to be performed. A wide variety of seating options are available. Choices for optional seat selections include:
  • Fold UP provides additional space when order picking.
  • Fold DOWN brings the rear back cushion higher for body support.
  • Luxury floating seat with weight adjustable settings, left and right folding armrests. Allows the operator to sit or stand, provides efficiency and combats fatigue.

Roll Handling

The slim designed console and narrow base support for the pivot arm, reduce the overall vehicle length. More importantly they enhance the operators reach & pick capability by minimizing the reach distance to the load.

Multiple Controls

In some cases long or wide loads may make it impossible to reach cases from inside the operators compartment. While safety is a prime concern, we incorporate a gated solution which only grants access to the load when the vehicle is completely stopped. Electronically interlocked gates lock out travel and all hydraulic functions when open.
  • split console controls
  • interlocking gates

Extended Compartment

The EK Series vehicles are designed around the load and aisle environment. Cab sizes generally reflect the overall load insertion length.
The EK 20 is built to handle a 90″ deep load insertion The Narrow frame EK demonstrates the built to suit concept. Chassis and cabin widths are determined for the best possible space and operational utilization.

Enclosed Loading

Freezer or harsh environment vehicles are available with fully enclosed cabins the designs are suited to the application:
  • Heated or AC controlled cabs are available for controlled operator environments.
  • Options include heated windows to prevent moisture or condensation buildup when travelling in and out of cold store environments.
  • Double insulated split sliding front window option is available for pick operations.

Integrated Platform

The operators’ work environment should not be overlooked. A well lit compartment with bright lights that illuminate the immediate work area is essential.
Consider options suited to the work task at hand. Larger foot pads or additional rail supports may present the ideal solution for operators with varying physical statures.

High Stability

Need a couple of extra inches when picking from the rack? Utilize the spring loaded lean out side gate option.


Driving forward in the load direction the view is unhindered. Raise the operator position for extremely high loads. The contoured sloping rear cover is designed to offer the operator a better view of the floor immediately behind the vehicle.

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