" Steinbocks Chronology "


On December 17, 1922 - two independent manufacturers "Maschinenfabrik München - Moosburg GmbH" and "Sämaschinenfabrik Moosburg" joined forces to create "STEINBOCK AG" Moosburg.

The first couple of years found Steinbock producing farm equipment. By hear say the name  " STEINBOCK " was selected by agreement of the four founding members. The name represents astrological sign of the oldest member. The      "Steinbock" symbol in German represents "Capricorn". 


Dr. Michael Schottenhamel takes over day to day operations and becomes majority share holder after a 2-year stay in the USA. Based on his experience in automation and material handling the production is changed to include car jacks and skid trucks.
In the same year Diplom-Ingenieur Jakob Leof takes over the technical & engineering departments.


The main production emphasis shifts from agriculture to jacks, as well as floor transports. The company now employs 122 workers.


This article found in an announcement from the Leipziger Messe (tradeshow),  indicates the direction the company has taken towards material handling and product flow analysis. (Logistic Systems & Storage).


Steinbock is world leader in the production and design of auto/truck lifts.


The first apprentice workshop is equipped. The fundamental development of a skilled labor pool and the introduction of a team work philosophy becomes the focus of the companies personnel department.


The "Steinbock-Family" becomes the social focus of the factory. This is synonymous with the working environment of the company.

This is a view of the in-house canteen which served the home style environment.


The first German electric forklift truck, developed and built in Moosburg as a prototype. Because of the War the vehicle never went into production. The factory at this time employed over 300 people.


After the German currency reform: Forklift vehicle became the primary focus of the company. The first series of electric forklifts are produced.


Steinbock develops and produces forklift truck attachments. The picture shows an electric forklift with sideshift attachment.


Forklift trucks with IC engines are added to the product line. The first vehicles are built in conjunction with the IRION Corp. Additional models are soon developed and produced in-house under the STEINBOCK brand name.


The first completely "STEINBOCK"  Diesel leaves the production line. The vehicle is equipped with a Hatz-Diesel motor sporting 18 HP and a lift capacity of 1,000 kg (2,200 lbs.). The vehicle was delivered to the  "Herkules-Brauerei", Kassel - Germany a beer brewery. After 20 years of service the vehicle was retired with an unknown address. In search of company historic artifacts, the vehicle was uncovered in a storage facility in the mid 90's. In 1997, for the companies 75 year anniversary the vehicle was moved to Moosburg as part of a celebration. The vehicle remains in Moosburg in a fully functional capacity.


The legendary "Piccolift" an extremely compact 3-wheel electric forklift, also introduced into the USA begins production. Many vehicles can still be found working today. Should you be the proud owner of a "Piccolift" please contact pmh@pmh-co.com for a special thanks.


A forklift truck is only as good as the service the customer receives. PMH / Steinbock strive to expand quality service with the selection of qualified and trained local service organizations. .


Development of the first truck mounted cranes. 


Steinbock sets up an additional manufacturing facility in Galway, Ireland. This branch is designed to produce electric forklifts.
The "Triolift" big brother model to the popular "Piccolift" enhances the capability and lift capacity of the 3-wheel electric vehicles. .


An additional manufacturing facility opens in Roding, Germany for the production of Pallet Jacks and automatic doors. 


The Diesel forklift with "Synchrolift" is introduced. The truck included special attachments for the construction industry. 


At this time, the most modern tip and tilt - forklift test facility in the world is placed in operation. Each vehicle type that leaves the production line is subjected to rigorous testing. Protocols set the stage for stringent safety conscious manufacturing.


The duration test is a fully automatic circular test track developed by Steinbock which includes routines for lift, tilt, travel and special attachments. Later this area is dubbed the "Devils Workshop" all vehicles must pass tough component testing prior to the release into production..


Dr. Michael Schottenhamel, majority stock holder and founding member dies unexpectantly. Steinbock delivers on a large order placed by the Swiss Army. These special all terrain forklifts were designed to meet harsh mountain and winter environments. 


Steinbock is the supplier of forklift fleets to the Olympic Summer Games in München. The forklifts are used by the extensive media community as well as various organizations for the setup and movement of materials. 


STEINBOCK enters the warehouse and system forklift arena. Based on the popular 3-wheel counterbalanced lift truck "Triolift", the first of the Narrow Aisle Vehicles known as Turret Trucks, is developed under the model name "Depotlift". Electronic giant Siemens receives the first vehicle which remains in operation today.


Together with government agencies interested in the further development of ergonomic work environments. A Research and Development project, for the reduction of noise / vibration that is associated with to lift truck applications is undertaken. The work provides valuable guidelines, still used by government agencies and applicable today, for modern forklift operator compartments. 


The Steinbock "Eurosprint" Diesel Forklift is the first IC engine forklift to maintain less then 80 dB(A) "NOISE" level environment..


The quickest forklift in the World with a top speed over 50 km/h was produced for the German Army as a troop and tank support vehicle. This mobile all terrain vehicle prompted large orders from various government agencies. 


Steinbock is included in the international Boss Group. This corporate giant has production facilities in Spain, England, and Germany. The group produces the most comprehensive complete forklift programs available in the World. Equipment includes Pallet Jack transports to 50 ton container handlers.


Distribution and services outlets are converted from factory to individual ownership. Further development of customer service programs. 


The "Service-Center" main facility addition "Stammwerk Moosburg" with its own class rooms and centralized spare parts distribution center connected to our customer service organizations.


Steinbock Boss becomes the first forklift manufacturer in Germany to be awarded the ISO 9000 certificate..


The first shovel at the ground breaking ceremony for the new state of the art production facility Moosburg Germany.


Completion of the facility and inauguration of the production coincides with the factories 75th anniversary. "Year of the Bock".