EV Series - Vertical Order Pickers for specific or demanding applications.

EV Series

Vertical Order Pickers for specific or demanding applications.


Selling Points

Magaziner EV-Series includes Vertical Order Pickers for specific or demanding applications. High flexibility paired with mass production technology solve unique customer problems effectively and with a maximum of reliability.

Framework for Specialties

Some warehouse operators can not be satisfied with the limited functionality of regular vertical order pickers. Precisely for these customers we developed our EV-Series. EV 1000 and EV 1300 are designed to be a flexible framework for very specific customer requirements:

  • Highest Lift Heights and Capacities
  • Special Load Handling Devices
  • Unique Functions

Together with our customers we develop and implement specific solutions that fit perfectly into material flow and maximize throughput.

Due to the implementation of proven modules from superior EK-Series and our great experience we guarantee reliability and quality from mass production plus flexibility from special-purpose engineering. A unique combination.

Extreme Order Picking

An increasing variety of products make racks grow higher and higher. For order picking of large items operators need pick platforms. These are the threshold the EV-Series is made for. The Magaziner SGO design and construction principles plus the application of powerful ~AC motor controllers with 3,5 kW or 5 kW let EV-Series reach:

  • Heights of more than 15 m
  • Capacities until 1500 kg
  • Cabin widths until 3 m

Our vertical order pickers are market leaders in terms of application range. EV-Series guarantee save and efficient order picking under even the most challenging conditions.

Cost Savings at Maintenance

A minimum of costs during operation and maintenance is considered to be a unique selling point of all Magaziner products. In EV-Series certain features afford cost savings:

  • Robust Construction for minimum wear and tear
  • Motor compartment protected by thick steel doors
  • Excellent component accessibility for rapid service

In order to afford customers and their selected maintenance technicians the ability to service the equipment on their terms, the diagnostic and control specific software is not proprietary license protected.