6. Long-term Durability -

Ergonomic Design


Ergonomic Design

The EK Magaziner Series was designed and developed to meet the demands of unit load handling in very narrow aisles, while retaining case load & order picking capabilities. The Magaziner models offer the most extensive range of vehicles and features available on the market today, with lift heights up to and over 55 feet they operate with the 4th generation of ~AC control technology - maximizing speed, acceleration and battery efficiency. The EK Magaziner models are built for high productivity, ease of operation, safety, reliability and durability, combined with ease of maintenance.

Driver Ergonomics

Particular attention went into the design of the operating cabin. A deep spacious area with adjustable control console suitable for standing or seated operation.

  • Fully adjustable luxury seat set deep within the mast upright sections, ensures operator safety and comfort while providing a productive work environment.
  • Bright halogen overhead lighting enables the driver to work in areas with insufficient or low lighting, also available with additional OHG mounted LED light bar - as shown.
  • Forward facing controls provide automotive style intuitive operation without inhibiting the operator during order picking operations.


  • Cabin Luxury Seat
  • Exceptional Lighting
  • Spacious Compartment

Cabin Layout

Cabin and integrated load handling turret minimizes the operators reach distance. The cabin width mirrors the load handler allowing the operator full access to the load. The enclosed operator cab is protected for safety on the load side with macrolon shields.

  • Spacious cabin, thick carpet covered walls for noise reduction, cushioned fatigue limiting floor mats, built in document and tool holders provide the basics for the operator compartment.
  • Large unhindered front facing view windows are also protected with macrolon shields.


  • Operator Environment
  • Protected Compartment
  • Operator View

Cabin / Load Handler Integration

Integrating the turret assembly into the cab design reduces the reach distance required for order picking from the transported load, while increasing capacity and shortening the overall vehicle footprint. Note that all EK vehicles are designed to suit the load and working aisle size. The cab width (cross aisle dimension) mirrors the reach of the load handler - allowing the operator full range of motion in the cab, from one side of the aisle to the other - even with oversize loads.

One piece Cab - Load Handler

Base Chassis Design

We know that mishaps can occur and protect your investment with a robust vehicle construction that can be identified in the countless details. Serious damages are avoided by:

  • Motor compartment protected by thick steel doors
  • Protected load wheels
  • Turret load handling device with large distance between support bearings
  • Sloping Rear cover promotes better operator visibility
  • Completely Enclosed Battery Compartment

These vehicles have proven their reliability in the harshest and most critical applications.

  • Robust Construction
  • Robust Construction
  • Robust Construction
  • Sloping Rear Cover
  • Enclosed Battery Compartment

Battery Exchange Methods

Multiple shift operation may require a battery exchange. Battery changing options include :

  • Compartment rollers and exchange carts.
  • Suitable frame and compartment brackets for convenient forklift handling of the battery.
  • On board battery charging used with aisle mounted power rail or designated charging location.

Of course the EK series is an energy miser so changing batteries is only required on continuous multiple shift operations.

  • Battery Exchange
  • Battery Exchange
  • Battery Exchange
  • Battery Exchange
  • Enclosed Battery Compartment

Load Wheels

Sporting a strong rigid steel construction and solid base is not the only requirement for a turret truck. The EK series is based on a robust counter-balanced design which is supported by the use of large load wheels.

  • Massive protected load wheels, height adjustable eliminates the need to replace both wheels if damaged or worn.
  • On rare instances the floor may not provide sufficient support or have to many cracks and flaws. Dual load wheel option can help be increasing the size of the wheels foot print - reducing floor loading and offering a smoother ride on rough uneven surfaces.


  • Load Wheel Construction
  • Load Wheel Construction
  • Dual Load Wheels
  • Dual Load Wheels