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Our Profile

Innovative Development.
Individual Configuration.
Reliable Operation.
That is the EK "Magaziner" Series.



Professional Materials Handling Company Inc. was founded in 1972. PMH has been supplying custom built narrow aisle performance forklifts since 1975.

As the original distributor of the Steinbock "Depotlift" Man-down Turret Truck, PMH counted as one of the Narrow Aisle Warehouse System pioneers. - The modern EK- "Magaziner" Series of Very Narrow Aisle Turret Trucks incorporates order picking along with unit load handling. The EV counter-balanced Vertical Order Picker Series is quality built vehicle for special applications. Both vehicle Series are based on our broad industry wide experience of narrow aisle storage equipment. Starting as a market pioneer in the ‘70s we continuously expanded product lines to specialize in narrow aisle load handling.

Today's forklifts increase productivity in thousands of warehouses. Three company strengths make our customers successful. Please convince yourself!


Warehousing demands are challenging. On the one hand it looks for increased productivity and higher throughput rates, while on the other the demand for flexibility is ever increasing in order to handle a variety of situations and products. We relate to these demands and strive to comply by offering innovative material handling equipment. Our integrated product development and the variety of options, offer subsequent process application adaptation, with a profoundly different approach to handle your logistic problems.

Benefiting from many years of practical experience obtained from countless customers, operators and technicians alike, we apply our obtained knowledge to the systems and vehicles we provide. In addition, our strong long term partnership with quality component suppliers, allow us to further update and enhance our products on a continuous basis.

Changes and modifications are not only technical, with respect to performance, ergonomics and operational cost, but at times require completely new equipment designs. Vehicles constructed for heights and capacities never before considered by our competitors.


Warehouse logistics must meet the demands for unique loads and efficient handling by our customers. This flexibility includes a high level of vertical integration, modular construction and overall variation management, which allows us to provide the optimum vehicle for your warehousing environment.

Selections for standard operations are chosen from our broad range of base vehicles. These are then configured to suit the desired application. In order to meet the criteria for unusual operations, requiring specialized vehicles, we design and construct solutions based on our proven technologies. This provides our special operations customers, with a reliable and efficient method utilizing our vehicles to handle their products.

A commitment to partner, with our customers, provides the basis of the custom built vehicle solution. In order to build custom vehicles, a close working relationship is required. An open dialogue with operators, users and customers, a collaboration is the only way to achieve innovation and constant product improvement, to meet the goals and objectives of our customers. For competent consultation and support we guarantee the assistance of qualified sales professionals and service technicians on-site in your company.

They provide the important link to experts at the factory level, and guarantee rapid assurance and quality feedback assistance in the field. During the sale, commissioning, as well as the after sales service support, these professionals communicate with our staff, which consists of engineers and technicians that boast an extensive material handling field experience to offer the customer appropriate solutions.


To reach a maximum throughput you need forklifts you can rely on. We consider absolute Quality in product development, manufacturing and after sales service support as the key to Reliability.

Proven design principles guarantee the development of forklifts that meet actual requirements in very narrow aisle warehouses. We select our suppliers very carefully and demand the highest quality standards. Our suppliers are considered partners who add their contribution to the innovative drive.

Constantly trained service technicians guarantee the highest availability of our forklifts on-site. A long-term spare parts availability affords an increased productivity in your very narrow aisle warehouse.